98Bulk Supply Systems / VaporizersGas MetersRegulatorsHoses / Gas CocksTechnical DocumentsBulks / VaporizersControllers /Shutoff ValvesAlarmsSmall VaporizerModelVP-S30ECNominal Vaporizing Capability30 kg/hTarget Gas“い” LPGDesign PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part1.8 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part0.8 MPaPressure Tightness Test PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part2.7 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part2.6 MPa (vaporizing chamber 1.2 MPa)Airtightness Test PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part1.8 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part0.8 MPaHeat SourceTypeElectric heaterElectric Heating Capacity4.2 kW (1.4 kW×3)Power SupplyThree phase AC 200 VRated Current12.1 AApplicable Pressure Range0.2 to 1.56 MPaVaporization Pressure Regulation Valve Setting0.15±0.01 MPa (set at primary pressure 1.0 MPa)Heat Media (Aluminium)Temperature Control Range40 to 60ºC (thermometer reading value)Preset Temperature ofOverheat Prevention Switch70ºCSafety Valve Pressure Setting0.77 MPaGas PipingConnection DiameterLiquid Inlet20A-20K FlangeGas Outlet20A-10K FlangeSafety Valve Release HoleRc 1/2External DimensionsWidth394±15 mmHeight610±25 mmDepth652±30 mm (including strainer)Exterior color (Munsell color number)Top: Munsell 5BG4/6Front/sides/rear/bottom: Munsell 5Y7/1Rough Product Weight53 kgAccessoryStrainer20K-20A Flange model 150 mesh×1, M12 Hexagon bolt (L=55 mm), Hexagon nut, spring washer ×4Antiseismic Clamping PlateL-shape hot dip galvanizing plate×2, M12 Hexagon bolt (L=35 mm), at washer, spring washer ×2Rain Cap1 pc (for safety valve release pipe)Certied as certied LP gas bulk supply auxiliary equipmentSafety Valve Rc1/2522±25(360)166±5388±15412±20260±20131±20636±20394±15100±15163±15231±20488±20333±1067±10524±20652±3067±20BAC Pressure Detection Port1/4 Plug StopperDraining Valve1/4 Plug StopperEarthquake-Proof Fixing Plate(Optional)15×38 SlotStrainer(Accessory)This diagram shows the dimensions with the straineraccessory and the earthquake-proof fixing plate attached.Door Opening Range20A-20K Flange(LP Gas Liquid Inlet)20A-10K Flange(LP Gas Outlet)VP-S30ECVP-S100ECVP-S200EC● VP-S30EC Specications Heater cable (length: 15 m)Connector TypeVP-S30ESYC600V-CVSZV3×2 mm2SEGC20SφV2■ YC Cable Set for heaterElectric Type Consumer Model Vaporizersinclude a selection of products to match your purpose (capacity), from small (30 kg/h) to large (200 kg/h).SmallMediumLargeCertied as LP gas bulk supply auxiliary equipment■ Dimension DrawingElectric ArorizerSmall/Medium/Large VaporizersSmall VaporizerVP-S30ECOptional PartsYC Cable Set

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