95Thermally Insulated Bulk Storage Unit980APBADCBU-1000GV(KK)AFGBCDFillingStageφE(注) 安全弁放出管の高さを含む。1.8 MPa約1,000kg40℃1.8 MPa2.7 Mpa980AJ約1,018kg980AP(パワーバルク)2.44m3備考980kg2.44m3C(注)(高さ)1,5451,813D1,1161,4411,0161,321E9001,150F1,0001,350GA (width)B (depth)C (height)D (outer diameter)1,3741,7642,4501,321■ BU-1000GV(KK) External Dimensions (Unit: mm)■ 980AP External Dimensions (Unit: mm)■ Dimension Drawing■ Dimension DrawingA(width)B(depth)C(height)D(outer diameter)EFG2,0571,4251,8131,4411,3211,1501,350Product NameHorizontal Power BulkStorage UnitVertical Power BulkStorage UnitGas Generation Capacity50 kg/h (-10ºC)30 kg/h (-10ºC)Installation Temperature Range-10ºC to 40ºCThermal PoolHot Water Circulation8 L/min to 12 L/min8 L/min to 10 L/minInlet Temperature60ºC (Standard)Heat Media Water Amount45 L30 LOverheat Prevention Switch Operating TemperatureRun: lower than 35ºCRun: lower than 34.5ºCStop: 37ºCStop: 37.5ºCHeat MediaPropylene Glycol BrineHot Water Piping Connection DiameterForwardRc 1/2ReturnRc 1/2WeightApprox. 18 kgApprox. 15 kgControl PanelPower Supply voltageAC 100 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)External DimensionsWidth250 mmDepth120 mmHeight300 mmWeightApprox. 6 kgPressure SwitchSetting Pressure (Note)ONSummer: 0.5 MPa - Winter: 0.4 MPa0.35 MPaOFFSummer: 0.6 MPa - Winter: 0.5 MPa0.45 MPaCisternHeat Media Water Amount5 LExternal DimensionsWidth255 mmDepth155 mmHeight535 mmWeightApprox. 8 kg(Note) Set pressure can be switched manually (summer/winter).■ Specications(Note) The Filling Stage comes equipped standard.(Note) The Maintenance Step is optional.980AP1000GVPower Bulk (Hot Water Circulation Type) PrincipleThis system circulates water that is heated in the exter-nal boiler in order to indirectly heat and evaporate gas in the bulk storage unit. It is required auxiliary equipment for the heat source equipment, but the electrical equipment is for boilers and pumps and has a smaller capacity than the electric type. It also has a structure with no LP gas high pressure gas pipes.■ Applicable Models・1t Horizontal Power Bulk・1t Vertical Power BulkHeat Source Device(sold separately)CisternThermal Pool UnitLP Gas NO FIREChangeover SwitchPower Supply LightPower Supply SwitchHeating LightPressure SwitchControl PanelEquipment to be arranged separately(1) Heat Source Device (Recommended Model) Model: GH1210WD-VR(2) Regulator Unit RMLBF-75TH【Example System】Overheat Prevention SwitchThermally Insulated Bulk Storage Unit(Power Bulk)980AP/1000GV

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