89Low Pressure LP Gas Electric GeneratorsRated Output1500VAOperating TimeWith a 50 kg cylinderAbout 74 hours*LP gas is supplied by the gas supply box.*Engine oil may need to be replenished.LP gas is supplied by the gas supply box.Fuel Gas Supply BoxFuel Gas Supply Box● The following dedicated options are available for the low pressure LP gas generator EU9iGP/EU15iGP.■ Soundproof Box Noise value and soundproof structure reduce noise level by 6 to 10 dBEU9iGPEU9iGP■ Storage Cover Cover to protect the generator from water and dust while in storageEU9iGPEU9iGP■ Parallel Operation Cord You can double the output by connecting two generators.EU9iGPEU9iGP■ Charge CordUsed for removing DC power supply.■ LP Gas Electric Generator HoseInner diameter: 10±0.5 mmOuter diameter: less than 19 mmHonda Genuine Ultra-U General-Purpose Oil (SAE 10W-30)Connection example of 3000 VA by operating 2 units of EU15iGP in parallel.■ Engine OilBefore power generation, check the engine oil and rell as necessary.Households, shelters including civic hallsTotal 647WCompanies, retail stores, public facilities, clinics, etc.Total 1392WTotal 3000WCan be used with household appliances such as lighting, mobile phone charging, personal computers, heating, and LP gas water heaters.Mobile Phone Charger2WPC25WElectric Lap Blankets50WCD Radio and Cassette Player 70W2 Incandescent Bulbs100W×2LP Gas Water Heater300WFloodlight 400WMobile Phone Charger2WPC25WResistor25WTelevision140WHalogen Heater800WFloodlight400WDeep Well Pump2000WElectric Drill600WSupports power generation up to 3000 W with 2 units operating in parallelCan also be used with high power output electrical equipmentCan be used with electronic devices in companies and retail stores such as floodlights, heaters, PC, and commercial equipment.Rated Output900VAOperating TimeWith a 50 kg cylinderAbout 110 hours**Engine oil may need to be replenished.Guidelines for Generator UseExamples of Usable Electric AppliancesLow Pressure LP Gas Electric GeneratorsEU9iGP/EU15iGP Option

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