Water Server8Serve delicious water for any generationEvery generation of the family from children to seniors can have delicious water, thanks to the easy to understand and use controls.Designed to make the owner feel like a celebrityWinner of the 2018 Good Design Award, for its high functionality and design that matches luxury interior decorations.We use technology cultivated in automotive machinery for better livingPour even hot water safely with the adjustable height functioonHave peace of mind that you can use water even in disaster when the power goes outDouble child locksmake it safe and secure to use even for childrenUV disinfection doesn’t change the taste of the waterEasy on your account and the environmentEnergy Saving ModePlace a rice pot or pan on the tray to pour water easilyUse it even dark places with a water faucet lightA comfortable control setup, made right all the way down to the textureAnnouncesthe operating status with voiceMade simple and easy to use for anyoneTurn until you hear the beep! Made to be used intuitivelyQuOL makes controls easy with the central jog dial. With the easy and intuitive controls, all you have to do is turn the dial until you hear the beep, following the voice guidance.Suitable for a variety of water pouring scenariosMade easy to use and with peace of mind, because it is used every dayComes with an all purpose tray, so you can pour water with the container right where it is. The height is adjustable, so you can operate it with one hand with cup noodles, pans, or water bottles. We paid close attention to eas of use, as well as safety characteristics when pouring hot water and the like.Loaded with features for safety, security, and energy savingUse a variety of functions safely, securely, and easilyQuOL comes with a variety of features that make it economical, safe, hygienic, and useful even in the event of a disaster.Making delicious waterinto easy to use waterWater served at room remperature, a revolutionary new function“Easy to use” room temperature is the perfect addition to conventional hot and cold water, for when you do not want to chill your food or body. We provide new value to delicious water, in the form of good health and safety.Fits right in to your daily lifeHigh quality designWinner of the 2018 Good Design AwardQuOL is made with a slim body that will t almost anywhere, and a design that will not disrupt your interior decor. It would not be out of place even in your living room.It all starts with SMART WATERCheck detailed information about QuOL on the Internet!https://gas.yazaki-group.com/quol/●“YAZAKI Water Server QuOL”… Product InformationYAZAKI Water Servers

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