85Mechanical Self-Recording Pressure Meter / Pressure Meter / Spare Parts● Siphon Pipe Specications● Tasimeter Specications ● Pressure Meter Specications ItemConnectionPackaging UnitI type siphon pipeR 1/4, R 1/41 pcL type siphon pipeR 1/4, R 1/41 pcPressureSizeConnectionPackag-ing Unit10 kPa75φG3/8 Male screw1 pc20 kPa50 kPaPressureSizeConnectionPackag-ing Unit0.1 MPa75φG 3/8 Male screw1 pc0.2 MPa0.3 MPa0.4 MPa0.6 MPa1.0 MPa1.5 MPa2.0 MPa2.5 MPa3.5 MPa*Use the meter with a scale equal to or less than 1.5 to 2 times of normal pressure (for high pressure) value.ER12-24M10 kPaI typeL type2.0 MPaMaterialGauge Side ConnectionPipe Side ConnectionPackaging UnitBrass-madeG 3/8R 1/41 pcG 3/8×R 1/4● Reducer (Joint Fitting) Specications■ Appearance Drawing ● Specications Product / ModelWorking PressureConnectionMain Unit WeightPackaging UnitER12-24MFor 24 minutes1.5 to 12.0 kPa3/8B Hose endApprox. 3.3 kg1 pcsAccessoryRubber pump, recording chart 1 box (100 pages) , size C battery, portable case*Example for the low pressure airtightness test to check the conformity to specied criteria● Recording Chart SpecicationsItemMinimum ScalePackaging UnitRecording Chart for ER12-24M0.2 kPa30 boxes (each 100 sheets)Recording Chart for ER5-7D0.2 kPa30 boxes (each 10 sets)18226016055196Front faceRight side facePassed voluntary inspection of Japan LP Gas Appliances Inspection AssociationPressure MeterTasimeter/Pressure MeterRecording ChartThis is a joint tting for R 1/4 pipe connections.Mechanical Self-Recording Pressure MeterER12-24M/Recording ChartPressure Meter Spare PartSiphon Pipe / Reducer (Joint Fitting)

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