81Screw-Fitting Gas Cock with Inspection Hole/Intermediate Gas Cock, etc.● Specications● Specications ● Specications ● Specications ● Specications ModelSpecicationsPackaging UnitY-48KPipe section: Rc 1/2, tapered cock Inspection hole section: φ9.5 hose end50 pcsY-48KTPipe section: Rc 1/2, tapered cock Inspection hole section: φ9.5 hose end (light gray)50 pcsY-68KPipe section: Rc 3/4, tapered cock Inspection hole section: φ9.5 hose end20 pcsModelConnecting DimensionSpacing DimensionInspection Hole LocationPackaging UnitMSC-15PLRc 1/254 mmLeft toward downstream40 pcsMSC-20PLRc 3/465 mmLeft toward downstream20 pcsGB73PZRc 1/260 mmBall cock, Inspection hole section: gas cock socket60 pcsModelSpecicationsPackaging UnitY-48ARc 1/2 (lever), tapered cock100 pcsY-48BRc 1/2 (knob), tapered cock100 pcsY-68ARc 3/4 (lever), tapered cock20 pcsModelSpecicationsPackaging UnitMSC-S15HRc 1/2 (knob)50 pcsMSC-15LRc 1/2 (lever)50 pcsMSD-S15LRc 1/2 (lever with lock mechanism)50 pcsGB73ZRc 1/2 (knob, ball cock)60 pcsModelSpecicationsPackaging UnitST821ARc 3/430 pcsST831ARc 120 pcsST841ARc 1 1/410 pcsST850ARc 1 1/2 6 pcsST860ARc 24 pcsG87Rc 1/230 pcsRc 3/430 pcsRc 120 pcsRc 1 1/410 pcsRc 1 1/25 pcsRc 25 pcsProduct passed conformity testProduct passed conformity testProduct passed conformity testMSD-S15LGB73ZProduct passed conformity testST821AG87Y-48KGB73PZMSC-15PLY-48AY-68AProduct passed conformity testMSC-S15HScrew-Fitting Gas Cock with Inspection HoleY-48K/KT, Y-68KScrew-Fitting Gas Cock with Inspection Hole (Ball Valve)MSC-15PL/20PL, GB73PZIntermediate Gas CockY-48A/B, Y-68AScrew-Fitting Ball-type Gas CockMSC-S155/L/MSD-S155, GB73ZIron Gas CockST821A/831A/841A/850A/860A, G87

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