68Hoses / Gas CocksTechno Related Devices / ValveGas MetersRegulatorsHoses / Gas CocksTechnical DocumentsBulks / VaporizersControllers /Shutoff ValvesAlarmsCC50-2W (K), CC50-2W (P)CC20-2W (K)Product passed conformity testV-8150LWLPI-8Screw-Fitting Gas Cock (ball valve)MSC-25LMSC-32LMSC-40LMSC-50LModelCC50-2W (K)CC50-2W (P)CC20-2W (K)Installation LocationWall mountingInstallation on Cylinder Support UnitWall mountingTarget LPG CylinderTwo 50 kg-LPG CylindersTwo 20 kg-LPG CylindersExternal Dimensions825×1360×350 mm723×915×310 mmWeightApprox. 8.5 kgApprox. 4.9 kgCover MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Heat resistance: V-2 equivalent of UL standards and self-extinguishingHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE),Heat resistance: V-2 equivalent of UL standards and self-extinguishingAppearance ColorLight GrayLight GrayParts for Fixing Belt4 mm Truss Head Screw, Washer and Nut, each 8 pcs4 mm Truss Head Screw, Washer and Nut, each 8 pcsPackaging Unit1 unit1 unitPacking DimensionsHeight × Width × Depth = 1190×860×400 mmHeight × Width × Depth = 915×723×310 mmAcces-soryMounting Bracket etc.Mounting Bracket L/ R each × 1 5 mm Tapping Screw (5×25)×6Holder L/ R each × 1 12 mm bolt, washer, cap nut each × 2(k): Mounting Bracket L/ R each × 1, 5 mm Tapping Screw (5×25) × 6● Specications ModelInstallation MethodPacking UnitLW4032A-740Single Clamping Plate Type20 pcsLW4032A-750Double Clamping Plate Type20 pcsLW4032A-760Single Eye Bolt Type20 pcsLW4032-A770Double Eye Bolt Type20 pcsComplies with the LP gas equipment installation standards and handling guidelines (Blue Book) published by the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan.● Specications Product / ModelPressure ResistantAirtightPackaging UnitV-813.0 MPa1.80 MPa40 pcs50LW3.0 MPa1.80 MPa40 pcs● Specications Product / ModelStandardPressure ResistantAirtightPackaging UnitOutlet/ Inlet ConnectionSpacing DimensionLPI-8Rc 1/450 mm3.9 MPa2.4 MPa50 pcsMSA-8CSRc 1/454 mm2.6 MPa1.8 MPa50 pcsMSC-25LRc 173 mm22.5 kPa20 pcsMSC-32LRc 1 1/483 mm22.5 kPa5 pcsMSC-40LRc 1 1/296 mm22.5 kPa5 pcsMSC-50LRc 2108 mm22.5 kPa5 pcs● Specications Cylinder CoverCC50-2W (K), CC50-2W (P), CC20-2W (K)Cylinder Fall Prevention ChainCC-S/W/SS/WSLP Gas Cylinder ValveV-81, 50LWSmall Piping ValveLPI-8, MSA-8CS, MSCRoot Valve with Check ValveMSA-8CS

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