45Shutoff Valve Controller / Shutoff ValveModelYCB-12EPower SupplyAC 100 V 50/60 HzPower ConsumptionApprox. 1.9 W at normally (without DC 24 V alarm)Operating Temperature-10ºC to 40ºCInputAlarm signalThree-Step Voltage Signal (0 V - 6 V - 12 V - 18 V), 3 Input PortsExternal Device Signala-contact ON during external device operatingRemote Shutoff Signala-contact ON when remote switch operatedOutput Valve Shutoff Signal Output 1, 2No-voltage (relay a-contact) DC 30 V 1AON when all valves closedSeismically-Sensed ShutoffIntensity level 5 over or equivalentReason for Shutoff / Reason for AlarmDepicted by pictographic charactersExternal DimensionsH216×W120×D61 (mm)WeightApprox. 0.7 kgCerticationPassed voluntary inspection of Japan LP Gas Appliances Inspection AssociationPackaging Unit10 pcsModelMV-20LMV-25LMV-32LMV-40LMV-50LMV-80LPipe Diameter20A25A32A40A50A80AConnection Screw DiameterRc 1/2Rc 1Rc 1, 1/4Rc 1, 1/22B Flange3B FlangeWorking PressureLess than 3.5 kPaOperating Temperature−20˚C to 60˚CPressure TightnessMust not have leaks, fractures, or breakage at 0.1 MPaOutside AirtightnessNo leak at 10 kPa for 1 minuteInside AirtightnessLess than 0.55 NL/h of gas leak under less than 4.2 kPa of gas pressureRated Flow Rate (LP Gas)(Pressure Loss 0.1 kPa)14 kg/h16 kg/h18 kg/h26 kg/h90 kg/h120 kg/hSignal cableVCTF 0.75 mm2 × 4 cores, 1 m lengthLead wire color: red - positive; black - negative; white - A1; green - A2Secondary Side Pressure DetectionYesValve Opening/Closing SignalYesValve StructureBall Valve (Motor Drive)Pressure Sensitive FunctionPressure SensorAppearance ColorLight GrayExternal DimensionsH164×W100×D110 (mm)W: mounting dimensionH164×W120×D110 (mm)W: mounting dimensionH171×W170×D110 (mm)W: mounting dimensionH233×W230×D126 (mm)W: mounting dimensionH254×W280×D168 (mm)W: mounting dimensionWeightApprox. 1.8 kgApprox. 2.2 kgApprox. 6.1 kgApprox. 7.8 kgCerticationPassed voluntary inspection of Japan LP Gas Appliances Inspection Association-Packaging Unit1 pcAccessoryUnion with male screwsFlange, gaskets, bolts and nuts● Specications ● Specications Shutoff ValveMV-20L – 80LShutoff Valve ControllerYCB-12E (Built-in Seismoscope)MV-20LMV-40LMV-25LMV-50LMV-32LMV-80L

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