37Gas DetectorModelSP-220 (TYPE L)SP-220 (TYPE M)Target GasLPGTown Gas 13ADetection Range10 to 10,000 ppmDetection PrincipleHot Wire Semiconductor TypeSensorPump Suction Type (introduced into the body through a tapered nozzle)Density IndicationLCD barmeter + scaleAlarm Setting ValueDefault Value: 30 ppm(Can be set to ve levels: 10 ppm, 30 ppm, 150 ppm, 500 ppm, 2,000 ppm)Response Time(Under the same conditions)Within 3 secondsOperating Temperature/Humidity Range-20ºC to 55˚C, 95% RH or lower (without condensation)Power SupplyAA alkaline battery × 2Consecutive Operating HoursApprox. 13 hours (with alkaline battery, 20ºC, without alarm)Explosion Proof StructureIntrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Structure (Exia II CT4)Waterproof LevelEquivalent to IP55External DimensionsApprox. H200×W43×D39 mm (without protrusion)WeightApprox. 215 gAccessoryProtective Cover, Tapered Nozzle, Filter Unit, AA battery (×2)Hand StrapPackaging Unit1 pcModelCO-FL1Target GasCO (Carbon monoxide)Detection PrincipleControlled Potential ElectrolyticDetection Range0 to 0.500 vol%1 digit0.001 vol% (0.000 to 0.200 vol%)0.005 vol% (0.000 to 0.500 vol%)Indication accuracy (at same conditions)±0.003 vol% (0.000 to 0.030 vol%)±10 vol% (0.030 to 0.200 vol%)±20 vol% (0.200 to 0.500 vol%)Measuring TimeApprox. 25 seconds (except for instantaneous value measurement)Alarm MethodPump Suction TypeSuction Flow RateMore than 0.3 L/minDensity IndicationLCD Digital Display (7 segments)Alarm indicationWhen Measuring Water Boiler or Bath Boiler:Blue Lamp (caution) /Orange Lamp (Danger) / Red Lamp (Prohibited) and BuzzerWhen Measuring Commercial Kitchen Instrument: Orange Lamp ON (Caution /Red (Danger) and buzzerOperating Temperature Range−10ºC to +40ºCPower SupplyAA alkaline battery × 4Consecutive Operating HoursMore than 100 hours (25ºC, no alarm, no lighting)External DimensionsApprox. H124×W80×D36 mm (without protrusion)WeightApprox. 260 g (excluding batteries)FunctionsMeasurement Mode Change, Average/ Maximum/Instantaneous Value Change, Alarm Display Change (Lamp + Buzzer/Lamp Only/No Alarm)Packaging Unit1 pc*This product requires manufacturer inspections (overhaul including sensor replacement) once every 2 years.● Specications ModelTX-611HTarget GasCO (carbon monoxide) in combustion exhaustDetection PrincipleControlled Potential ElectrolyticSensorSuction by Internal PumpDetection Range0 to 5,000 ppmData indicationDigital Indication: Instantaneous Value, Average Value, Peak Value, etc.LED Display: Red: Alarm, Green: Power Supply Yellow: Flow Rate Reduction/FailureOperating Temperature-10ºC to +40ºC, 30 to 85% RH (without condensation)Power SupplyAA alkaline battery × 3External DimensionsMain unit: H200×W78×D50 mmWeightMain Unit: Approx. 550 g, Suction Part: Approx. 120 gPackaging Unit1 pc*This product requires manufacturer inspections (overhaul including sensor replacement) once every 2 years.● Specications ● Specications CO Detector TX-611HCO DetectorCO-FL1 Gas Leak DetectorSP-220 (TYPE L/M)

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