36LP Gas Leak AlarmsGas MetersRegulatorsHoses / Gas CocksTechnical DocumentsBulks / VaporizersControllers /Shutoff ValvesAlarmsCO Alarm / Ventilation Warning Alarm for CommercialModelYZ-165CTarget GasCO (carbon monoxide) in not fully combusted exhaust gasSensorElectrochemical SensorGas Density for DetectionCO Hb density of 20% or equivalent in human blood*Alarm Method1) Display Yellow (ventilation) Lamp Flashing (1 second period)2) Alarm Sound Sound Effect + Voice Alarm more than 70 dB/mOperating Temperature Range0ºC to +50ºCPower Supply3 V Lithium battery × 1Battery Life6 years after installationExternal Outputa Contact Output Polarized (DC 24 V, 5 mA) Alarm Instantly ONBuilt-in Function● Speaker Wire Breakdown Monitor Function ● Battery Voltage Monitor Function ● Alarm Stop Function ● Expiration Notication Function● Sound Circuit Monitor Function ● Voice Message Check Function ● Alarm History Ventilation Display Function● Failure Monitoring FunctionInstallation MethodHanging (using hook)External DimensionsH100×W75×D20.5 (mm)WeightApprox. 100 gPackaging Unit20 pcs*Alarm will be issued immeidately when the density of more than 2,000 ppm is detected twice consecutively (Approx. 10 seconds).ModelYZ-222Target GasIncomplete Combustion Exhaust Gas from Liqueed Petroleum Gas Combustion EquipmentSensorElectrochemical SensorGas Density for DetectionLow Concentration Over 50 ppm - 250 ppmHigh Concentration Low concentration - 550 ppmAlarm MethodLow Concentration Yellow (CO Alarm) Lamp ashes slowly (1 ash every 5 seconds).After 2 minutes, synthetic voice alarm (more than 70 dB/m) Automatic recovery typeHigh Concentration Yellow (CO Alarm) Lamp ashes slowly (1 ash every 1 second).Synthetic voice alarm (more than 70 dB/m) Automatic recovery typeResponse timeLow Concentration: Within 10 Minutes High Concentration: Within 5 MinutesOperating Temperature0ºC to +50ºCPower SupplyDC 3V (Lithium battery)External Outputa-contact (Open collector)During Failure and Monitoring OFF During CO Alarm ONTransmitting standard delay time 34 secondsSpecial functions● Energizing Initial Alarm Prevention Timer ● Expiration Notication Function● Failure Diagnosis FunctionExternal DimensionsH100×W75×D20.5 mmWeightApprox. 100 gPackaging Unit20 pcsThis alarm complies with the Authorized LP Gas Distributor System by linking to the meter.Compact, doesn’t sound early, noties reliably with an easy to understand alarm sound and voice.● Specications ● Specications ● Request regarding installation CO AlarmYZ-222Ventilation Warning Alarm for CommercialYZ-165CPlease submit a checklist and emergency contact list concerning the “Ventilation Warning Alarm for Commercial” sales regulations. (First time only)

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