28Gas MetersGas MetersRegulatorsHoses / Gas CocksTechnical DocumentsBulks / VaporizersControllers /Shutoff ValvesAlarmsMicrocomputer Gas Meter● Specications Security DisplayLCD 1. Pilot Flame Registration2.Operating State of Automatic Setting Function3. Shutoff Classication of Flow Increase Shutoff4. Setting Status for Operating Time Shutoff Value5. Reason for Shutoff 6. Reason for Warning Communication MethodHalf Duplex Communication Method (N-Line)Communication Contents1. Meter Reading Data3. Residual Amount Management Data5. Small Leak Timer Value7. Emergency Shutoff2. Security Data4. Shutoff Detail Data6. Center Shutoff Valve Open/Close8. Prepayment Management DataPower SupplyLithium Battery (DC 3 V)Appearance ColorLight GrayExternal DimensionsH235×W168×D145.5 (mm) (Length from pipe sleeve center to rear surface: 43.5 mm)WeightApprox. 2.4 kgPackaging Unit6 pcsEasier to see and use than earlier types.168130145.5235S-type Security Gas MeterSY25MT1SY25MT1-YLModelEY High End Integrated UnitEY Standard Integrated UnitSY Meter Integrated UnitEBY Meter Integrated UnitEY25MTH-YL-CUSEY4MTH-YL-CUSEY25MT-YL-CNSEY4MT-YL-CNSSY25MT1-YL-CNSEBY6-CUSEBY6-CNSEY25MTH-ZL-CUSEY4MTH-ZL-CUSEY25MT-ZL-CNSEY4MT-ZL-CNSSY25MT1-ZL-CNSConnected TransceiverYSC-USYSC-NSYSC-USYSC-NSMaximum Flow Rate2.5 m3/h4 m3/h2.5 m3/h4 m3/h2.5 m3/h6 m3/hPipe Sleeve Center DistanceYL: 130 mm ZL: 90 mm130 mmStandardARIB STD-T104 Release 13ARIB STD-T108Radio FrequencyLTE Standard: 3GPP cat. M Release 13 2.1 GHz/900 MHzU-bus Air Standard: ARIB STD-T108 compliant 920 MHzExternal DimensionsH148.5×W207×D108 mmH235×W196×D145.5 mmH148.5×W207×D108 mmWeightApprox. 1.67 kgApprox. 2.66 kgApprox. 1.67 kgPackaging Unit6 units1 unit*For detailed specications of the gas meter main unit, see pages 25 to 28.  *For detailed specications of the LTE Cat. M1 wireless equipment, see page 44.● Specications LTE Cat. M1 Wireless Integrated Gas MeterEY25MTH, EY4MTH-CUS/EY25MT, EY4MT-CNS/SY25MT1-CNS/EBY6-CUS, CNSMakes centralized monitoring possible with next generation communications!Easy installation with an integrated unit!EY25MTH-YL-CUSMeter Main UnitMeter Main UnitLTE Cat. M1 Wireless EquipmentSY25MT1-YL-CNS207196LTE Cat. M1 Wireless Equipment148.5235ModelSY25MT1-YLSY25MT1-ZLMaximum Flow Rate2.5 m3/hPipe Sleeve ScrewM36×2 Pipe Sleeve Center Distance130 mm90 mmPipe Diameter20A (3/4B) or 15A (1/2B)Gas Flow DirectionLeft InletShutoff FunctionFlow Shutoff1. Total Flow2. Increased Flow3. Operating Time(Section 2: Fixed in 160 min or shorter, Section 1-2: To be shut off by limit time setting)4. Leak During Reset Safety CheckOther1. Seismoscope Operation3. Gas Leak Alarm Interlock5. Test7. Center9. Prepayment2. Pressure Drop4. External Device Interlock6. Battery Voltage Reduction8. Emergency10. Test Term ExpirationAlarm Function1. Small Leak in Flow3. Shutoff Abnormality5. Regulated Pressure Abnormality7. Prepayment2. Battery Voltage Reduction4. Small Leak in Pressure6. Blocked Pressure Abnormality8. Test Term Expiration

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