22Gas Equipment Homepage IntroductionWebsiteYAZAKI Gas EquipmentWebsite IntroductionPlease use this in combination with our catalog.On the YAZAKI Energy System Gas Equipment website, you can nd information on various gas equipments and Water Server QuOL handled by YAZAKI. There is also a wealth of information useful for daily business, including drawings, pamphlets, and catalogs. On your smartphone, use the QR code below to easily access our website.Our website is written in Japanese language only. However, you can view this English catalog in our website.From the URL or QR code belowAccess the “YAZAKI Energy System Gas Equipment Homepage”.https://www.yazaki-group.com/gas/Product Diagram/Speci cations/Manuals● “Product Drawing/Speci cations/Manuals” Download PageYAZAKI Water Server● “YAZAKI Water Server QuOL”… Product InformationLP Gas Safety Guide (METI)● “3 Minutes LP Gas Safety Guide”… Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryCatalogs/Pamphlets● “Catalogs/Pamphlets” Download PageDisaster Prep Propane Gas Generator● “Disaster Prep Propane Gas Generator”… Product InfoSales Of ces ListContact Info/Sales Of ces List● “Contact Info/Sales Of ces List”*The website listed above, as well as the information and photographs in the links are frequently updated, and may differ from what isdisplayed above.■ Use the QR here to directly access the following pages linked to our homepage.

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