ElectricGasWaterHeaterSecure lightSecure communicationsand information devicesAlso for use as operatingpower for gas equipmentPowerOutagesGasSupply BoxUse it for precision devices such as PCYou can use your water heater, so you can take a bathSecure lightSecure lightSecure lightAlso for use as operatingpower for gas equipmentpower for gas equipmentand information devicesand information devicesand information devicesOutagesOutagesGasWater HeaterUse home LP gas as fuelIn case of an emergency!Use LP Gas to generate electricity!EU9iGPRated Output900 VARated Output1500 VAEU15iGPHighly reliable, so you canuse it with peace of mindin an emergencyUse LP gas with a one touch connection from the gas supply box. There is no need to worry about fuel in the event of a blackout, so you can easily get electricity, hot water from water heaters, and use various other electrical appliances so long as they are within the rated capacity. It is also equipped with a sine wave inverter, so it can be used with electronic devices including computers.Speci ed Fuel Gas Supply BoxEasy to use for anyoneUse a generator just by removing the hose from the gas supply box and connecting it with one touch.Generate electricity for along time!Generate electricity reliably during an emergency, such as long term blackouts.*EU9iGP: Generates electricity for 110 hours with a 50 kgcylinder*EU15iGP: Generates electricity for 74 hours with a 50 kgcylinderNo need to worry about fuel!Use the LP gas cylinder installed under the eaves, so there is no dif culty procuring fuel.Connect safely with a gassupply boxA gas supply box is utilized so you can use a low pressure LP gas electric generator with peace of mind, in compliance with the Lique ed Petroleum Gas Law. It also serves the role of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning caused by use indoors.GeneratorGenerator21

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