20Useful for disaster preparedness, in case of an emergencyDisaster Protection Bulk Storage UnitLP gas is great for use in disastersThat’s why this system comes with features to support life in an emergencyUse it normally and in emergencies!Supply LP gas for cooking, heating water, and heating air normally, while also preparing in case of disaster.We strongly support your lifeline!Even in the event of a disaster, LP gas remaining in the bulk storage unit can be used for cooking, making it still useful as an energy source during an emergency, and during evacuation.A wide range of variationsChoose from 300 kg, 500 kg, 980 kg, and 2.9 ton variations, according to the size of the installation location and facility functions.*In preparation for disasters, make certain that the bulk storage unit has at least 1/3 of its capacity for LP gas remaining at all times.Generate electricity with a low pressure LP gas electric generatorConnect a low pressure LP gas electric generator to the exible hose gas cock in the gas cock box unit so that you can use electricity even during a disaster.Bulk Supply SystemBulk

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