18Integrated Automatic Changeover RegulatorRCL20AIntegrated Automatic Changeover Regulator that is compact, lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosionImproved workability and visibility!Improved workability with a switch handle and larger size, and further improved visibility due to a longer hole shape of the switch display round window frame.Improved corrosion resistance and airtightness!Dual stage primary and dual stage secondary regulator fastenings are sealed with Double O Ring + (O ring plus sealant), realizing strong corrosion resistance and airtightness.Improved contamination prevention performance!Uses a ne particle lter on the high pressure inlet, in order to improve the contamination prevention performance.Outlet pressure performance stabilizationSliding performance is improved using a rectangular structure and internal valve system, which employs resin for its valve sliding part. The ow path is changed to rectify the gas ow and stabilize outlet output performance.Comes with a simple header typeWe offer a simple header type lineup that can even be installed in narrow spaces.The updated model improves performancefrom older productsRegulatorRCL30A-KB6H(T)

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