A reliable alarm that will not sound too earlyThe electrochemical sensor does not react to mixed gas, and does not operate until CO reaches a truly dangerous concentration.Adding the CO concentration and detection time enables it to estimate the COHP (carboxyhemoglobin) cooncentration in human blood, and sound the alarm accurately before there is a dangerous impact on the body.Compatible with the recognized LP Gas Service Provider SystemProviders who are recognized as “Gold Security Recognized Service Providers (No. 1 LP Gas Service Providers)” who clear the following coonditions qualify for incentives such as loosened restrictions on the distance of emergency response, as well as the frequency regular supply equipment inspections and regular consumer equipment inspections.Conditions: Must stop gas supply automatically before reaching CO concentration of 0.03% (linked shutoff with gas meter, etc.).LP Gas Alarm16Save space with the compact, slim designCompact so it does not take up space. Uses batteries, so there is limitation on where it can be installed, and it continues to operate even during power outages.Can be linked with external equipmentsBy linking with the gas meter, it can shutoff gas at the same time as the alarm, vastly improving the security level.Reliable an easy to recognize alarm voiceIn addition to the alarm sound “Peepo! Peepo!”, the YZ-165C sounds a voice alarm saying “Beep! Beep! Beep! Issanka-tanso-chudoku-ni-naru-osorega-arimasu. Tadachi-ni-kanki-sitekudasai. Gasu-gaisha-ni-renraku-kudasai.” (There is danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Ventilate immediately. Contact the gas company.)Also, the YZ-222 noti es you with an alarm sound and voice message saying “Beep! Beep! Beep! Kuuki-ga-yogorete-kiken-desu. Mado-wo-akete-kanki-wo-sitekudasai.” (You are in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Open the window to ventilate.)A unit you can rely onCommercial Ventilation Warning Alarm /Incomplete Combustion (CO) AlarmIncomplete Combustion (CO) AlarmYZ-222Commercial Ventilation Warning AlarmYZ-165CUseful in an emergency, with clearly audible alarm sound and voice guidanceYZ-222YZ-165C

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