Improved the performance of detector part drip proof structureImprove drip proof structure performance, so that the alarm does not sound due to water from showers or hoses during cleaning.Choose the alarm soundUse the inspection/alarm stop switch to switch between the buzzer alarm “Beep! Beep! Beep!” and the voice alarm “Beep! Beep! Beep! Gas-ga-morete-imasennka?” (Check if the gas is leaking.)Comes equipped with a simple history display functionCheck recent alarm soundings with the inspection/alarm stop switch (5 seconds).Reliable failure noti cation functionNoti es you when there is a failure using a rapidly ashing green lamp and an alarm sound. When turned to the voice setting, it will notify you by saying “Beep! Beep! Beep! Kenchi-bu-kosyou-desu. Hanbai-ten-ni-renraku-kudasai.” (The detector part is broken. Contact the vendor.)Gas meter linked inspection functionAble to operate the inspection/alarm stop switch (3 seconds), to ouput no voltage output for approximately 1 minute, and easily do inspection linked with gas meters.Separated type using drip proof detector partsThe perfect alarm for work applications where parts get wetDual Output AlarmYF-313ASafe to use even near water in commercial kitchens! Work with greater peace of mindLP Gas Alarm15Automatic Changeover RegulatorGas MeterLP GasAlarmLP GasAlarmFor customersusing automatic gasshutoff equipmentsShutoffValveControllerShutoff ValveGas MeterCO AlarmVentilationWarning Alarmfor CommercialExample of the link with gas metersImprovedDrip-Proo ng(Sensors)

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