GW main unitWireless metering equipment12Dramatically improve the ef ciency of metering workMuitistage Relay Transceiver (Integrated and Separated Types)Install on existing meters afterwardsConnect separated models, so it is not necessary to replace metersIt can be installed on YAZAKI E-type and S-type meters, as well as meters from other companies, making metering work more ef cient.Reliably receive meter informationSimultaneously acquire individual accumulation values and security informationIn addition to preventing mistaken metering, you can also improve security by obtaining security information.Rest assured even in places where metering is dif cult!Make metering work more ef cient in dif cult to meter places●Simple gas tenements ●Apartments with autolock●Apartment buildings with only staircases ●Houses that are dangerous to enter because of dogs ●Houses with hard to see meter values… And many more problems solved!Multistage Relay TransceiversMounting Status(E-type Meter)ControllerControllerSolve your metering woes! Do batch metering of up to 50 units even far away from the metersBatch Wireless Metering SystemMultistage Relay Transceiver (Integrated Type)YSC-30/31Multistage Relay Transceiver (Separated Type)YSC-30S/31SBatch wireless metering systems require a dongle transceiver.* Please prepare the tablet main unit and connection adapter on the gas dealer side.Greatly reduces metering time with wireless communication!Enables batch metering with wireless metersCompared to manual metering 1 household at a time, it can meter 1 GW main unit and 49 slave units (a total of 50) in about 3 minutes. Reduces the burden on meter readers.Wireless metering equipmentDo batch metering of 50 households at once.Multistage Relay TransceiversMounting Status(E-type Meter)

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