GA061ZF 1910000300* Consult our LP gas dealer or nearest sales of ce if you notice a problem with this equipment.Do not attempt to repair the equipment on your own.* Addresses and phone numbers may change.* Please note that changes may be made to product speci cations or descriptions without prior notice.● ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 (Quality and Environmental Management Systems) scope of products/servicesTo design and manufacture gas meters (including safety gas meters), gas leakage alarms (including complex alarms, residential fire and gas leakage alarms, and wireless interlock systems), fire alarms (including wireless interlock systems), gas shut-off valves, LP gas regulators, transmission devices, shut-off valve controllers, high-pressure hoses, self-recording pressure meters, leak detection parts ofleak detectors, LP gas evaporators and LP gas liquid automatic change over devices.YAZAKI Energy System CorporationHead of ceMita Kokusai Building 17F, 1-4-28 Mita, Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-8333Gas equipment operations23 Minami Kajima, Futamata-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 431-3312TEL: (81)53-925-4511Tohoku sales dept. TEL: (81)22-284-9114Kyushu sales dept. TEL: (81)92-411-4834Kanto sales dept. TEL: (81)3-5782-2702YAZAKI Hokkaiddo sales co. TEL: (81)11-852-2914Chubu sales dept. TEL: (81)52-769-1532YAZAKI Shikoku sales co. TEL: (81)87-833-3335Kansai Chugoku sales dept. TEL: (81)6-6458-8185Dealers

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