Make LP gas meters smart with LPWA, an automatic remote reading and central monitoring system for the age of IoTController (LPWA)Controller (LPWA)Makes work more ef cient and strengthens the management base with connected communications equipments11LTE Cat. M1 WirelessStreamlines metering work and enhances securityArea supplement with wider area coverage and U-bus airCompatible with 920 MHz and 2.1 GHz, so it can cover a wider area and offer more stable communication, and is capable of communications even from distant locations and dif cult to meter locations. In addition, it can reliably acquire gas meter information even in places where it is dif cult to get a signal, such as meter boxes inside apartment buildigns, using the U-bus air multihop function, so it reduces the burden of metering work, cuts labor costs, and resolves labor shortages, and can be expected to improve security as well.Streamlines delivery and enhances services for consumersMake daily metering possible with ultra lower power consumptionAdding eDRX ultra lower power consumption technology to LTE Cat. M1 makes it possible to operate continuously for 10 years, even with daily metering. Keeps track of daily gas usage with the broadcast signal and improve the precision of cylinder replacement timing estimates based on customer’s gas consumption patterns, so you can reduce the number of deliveries and choose the optimal delivery route according to remaining cylinder capacity. This can also help to provide new services, such as expanding new metered services for each customer based on daily metering.Easy installation, so you can improve work ef ciency, and use the FOTA feature to always maintain the latest statusReduce work hours and update the software version with wireless transmissionsAnyone can install it easily with start up controls using the wired connection and magnets. Wireless integrated meters do not require wiring construction, installation work time can be shortened even further. Using the FOTA function, you can update the software version wirelessly from a remote location, so it is possible to always use the latest speci cations without replacing the wireless equipment.*LPWA: An acronym for “Low Power Wide Area” that realizes wireless communications with low power consumption.*LTE Cat. M1: An LTE communications standard for IoT devices that realizes low volume, low power consumption, and low cost.*U-bus Air: A wireless communications standard using the 920 MHz band, that enables ultra low power consumption and multihop functionality.*eDRX: An acronym for “extended Discontinuous Reception,” this technology reduces power consumption of IoT devices, making it possible to use equipments longer.*FOTA: An acronym for “Firmware On-The-Air,” this feature updates device rmware with wireless transmission.TerminologyLTE Cat. M1 Wireless (Separated)YSC-US (U-bus Device)YSC-NS (5 bit Device / Connection Device)LTE Cat. M1 Wireless E-typeIntegrated Gas MeterEY25MTH / EY4MTH-CUSEY25MT / EY4MT-CNSEBY6-CUS, -CNSLTE Cat. M1 Wireless S-typeIntegrated Gas MeterSY25MT1-CNS

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