110Gas Meter Selection Methods[Gas Meter Selection]■ Follow the standards below to decide the type and capacity of gas meter.3)Each Combustor Gas Consumption Reference Value (1 kW=860 kcal/h) (individual household supply)*If there are many combustors installed and there are two supplies using an automatic switching, the simultaneous use rate in households (70% - 100%) can be taken into consideration. However, when the simultaneous use rate is used, it must not go below the maximum gas consumption of individual device.Type of CombustorConsumption (kW)Type of CombustorConsumption (kW)No. 32 Water Heater69.22 Burner Table Stove with Grill9.7No. 24 Water Heater(Water Heat)52.31 Burner Table Stove2.3(Reheating)11.6Rice Cooker2.3No. 20 Water Heater(Water Heat)43.6Gas Fan Heater2.5(Reheating)11.6Gas Air Conditioner6.4No. 16 Water Heater(Water Heat)34.9Gas Dryer4.7(Reheating)11.6Bathroom Heater7.2No. 5 Water Heater11.0Infrared Light Stove3.3Water Heater for Bath No. 8(Water Heat)17.9GHP 3 Horsepower10.9(Reheating)9.8[Example of installed gas meters]Pattern 1Pattern 2Less than 50 mmLess than 50 mmMore than 400 mmMore than50 mmMore than50 mmMore than50 mmLess than 50 mmMore than 400 mmMore than50 mmMore than50 mmMore than50 mmLess than 50 mm[Caution for Installation] ■ Do not install it in the following places.①Areas less than 60 cm from electrical equipment. (Places where there is a risk of re spreading)②Places aected by heat exceeding 60 ºC.③Places aected by water splashes, or constant exposure to water including steam.④Places where there is danger of corrosive gas spreading.⑤Places that have high voltage electrical equipment, including transformer rooms.■ Beware of the following points.①Install rmly.②Install it horizontally.③Tightly close the terminal cover.④For wiring of centralized monitoring or alarm linking, or electrical wiring of 100 V, secure separating distance compliant with “Electrical Equipment Technology Standards.”1)Microcomputer Gas Meter capacity (㎥/h) is categorized in the following way, according to maximum ow rate.Maximum Flow Rate (m3/h)2.5461016Table burner with grill→ 9.7 kWRice cooker→ 2.3 kWWater heater No. 16→ 34.9 kWTotal→ 46.9 kWMethod of46.9 ÷ 14 = 3.35 kg/hCalculation3.35 ÷ 2 = 1.68 ㎥/h2)Typically, it is best to select a gas meter with consideration for changes to combustor after installation, choosing a meter with a maximum ow rate with at least 1.2 times the total ow rate of the combustor. However, in microcomputer gas meters, in order to make full use of their security functions, select one with a maximum ow rate that can be set to match the total ow rate of the combustor.[Example of Selecting a Microcomputer Gas Meter]Therefore, with microcomputer gas meters, select one with a maximum ow rate of at least 1.68 ㎥/h, which would be the 2.5 m3/h meter in the above table.・Microcomputer Gas Meter = Maximum Gas Consumption (m3/h) × 1.0・Standard Gas Meter = Maximum Gas Consumption (㎥/h)×1.2Gas Meter Selection Methods(Source: LP Gas Equipment Installation Standards and Handling Guidelines)Related InformationGas MetersRegulatorsTechnical DocumentsBulks / VaporizersControllers /Shutoff ValvesAlarmsHoses / Gas CocksTechnical Information

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