109Valid Term Table/Piping DimensionsValid Term TableCategoryProduct NameReplacement LimitRepresentative Products/ModelsGas Meters*1E-type/S-type Security Gas Meter10 yearsEY25MTH, SY25MT1, EY4MTEB-type / SB-type Security Gas Meters (6 m3/h or less)10 yearsEBY6EB-type / SB-type Security Gas Meters (Greater than 6 m3/h)7 yearsEBY10, EBY16, SBA10, SBA16Standard Meters (including those with transmission function)(6 m3/h or less)10 yearsRN6Standard Meters (including those with transmission function)(Over 6 m3/h)7 yearsY10A, Y16AR, N25Gas Meters with Shutoff Valve7 yearsNV25, NV40Medium Pressure Gas MetersNone (7 years)AH7 to AH15AlarmsGas Leak Alarms5 yearsYF-005N, YF-313ACO Alarms5 years from installationYZ-222Commercial Ventilation Warning Alarms6 years from installationYZ-165CGas Supply EquipmentPressure Regulator Class I (10 kg/h or less) High Performance Model *2 10 yearsR5A, AS8ZA, AS10ZAPressure Regulator Class II *27 yearsRL10B, RCL20A, RCL30ASmall Leak in Flow Detectors (Leak Detector)7 yearsAX10BHL, AX20BHL, RCL30AHLLeak Detector (I-type)10 yearsEY25MTP-YLHigh Pressure Hose Class I High Performance Type *210 yearsRCL-600S(T), -1000S(T)High Pressure Hose Class I *27 yearsLow Pressure Hose Class I High Performance Type *210 yearsRL-450G, -600G, -900GLow Pressure Hose Class I *27 yearsGas Cock15 yearsGas Cock with Fuse, Flexible Hose Gas CockThreaded Gas Cock10 yearsThreaded Gas Cock with Inspection HoleGas Leakage Alarm Shutoff Device (Shutoff Valve, Controller)10 yearsYCB-12E, MV-20 to 80LCombustor Hose7 yearsKLJ7-300SL, KL10-300BGas Discharge Prevention Device7 yearsRoot Valve with Check Valve7 yearsMSA-8CSMass Device10 yearsS15A-4PS(T)Flexible Pipes and Coupling for Piping7 yearsRubber Pipe with Quick Coupling4 yearsHose Band2 yearsOtherVaporizer10 yearsVP-S100ECBulk Storage Unit20 years980ABBulk Storage Unit Safety Valve5 yearsCarbon Steel Pipe for Piping (JIS G3452) DimensionsRemarks:Use (A) or (B) to refer to these. When necessary, write after the numbers when using (A) or write B after the numbers when using (B)Nominal DiameterA8101520253240506580B1/43/81/23/4111/411/2221/23Outer Diameter (mm)17.321.727.234.042.748.660.576.589.1Thickness (mm) Diameter: 1/2B = 4分 “BU” (12.1212 mm) = 15AOuter Diameter: 21.7 mm (SGP: Carbon Steel Pipe for Piping)Inner Diameter: 3/4B = 6分 “BU” (18.1818 mm) = 20AOuter Diameter: 27.2 mm (SGP: Carbon Steel Pipe for Piping)A Nominal DesignationB Nominal Designation21.7 mm27.2 mm15φ20φ*1: Validity period based on the Measurement Law *2: Period based on Article 121 of the Liquid Petroleum Gas Act Declaration

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