Gas Meter10High End Tool Identi cation FunctionTool Recognition Security Function*Avoid troublesome shutoffs in autumn and winter!Using tool recognition logic, for fan heaters and water heaters only, it does not shutoff even when it reaches the shutoff value, but starts relearning instead. For this reason, you can keep using the tool, and reduce deployment costs and the burden on employees caused by troublesome shutoffs.*Built in to High End Meter EY25MTH / EY4MTHTool Recognition Accumulation Function*Check the accumulated consumption for each fan heateAlong with the conventional accumulation by category, it can also do addition for each individual fan heater or water heater. This makes it possible to offer service that satis es customers, including proposals for new pricing plans based on the use status of each tool. (Numbers given are estimates only.)*Built in to High End Meter EY25MTH / EY4MTHEBY10/16Commercial EB-type Security Gas MeterEBY6Commercial EB-type Security Gas MeterS-type Security Gas Meter with excellent workability, based on opinions from the eldS-type Security Gas MeterSY25MT180% lighter than conventional models. A full set of features, and more ef cientUse the reset button to aggregate individual accumulation, pressure information, and meter information. The reset safety check time is shortened to just 20 seconds and the ow rate judgment time to just 10 minutes, greatly improving workability.S-type Security Gas Meterperformance Ultrasound Gas Meters future

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