107International Unit (SI Unit)International Unit (SI Unit)Yotta YZetta ZExa EPeta PTera TGiga GMega MKilo kHecto hDeca daDeci dCenti cMilli mMicro μNano nNameConventional UnitSI UnitConversion ValuePressurekgf/cm²mmH₂OmmHgatmPa1kgf/cm² =9.80665×10⁴ Pa(≒98kPa)1mmH₂O =9.80665Pa(≒9.8Pa)1mmHg =133.332Pa(≒133.3Pa)1atm =1.01325×10⁵ Pa(≒0.1013MPa)calkcal/h1cal =4.186J1kcal/h =1.163WJWCalorieCapacitykg/hW1kg/h =13.9×10³ W(≒14kW)ForcekgfN1kgf =9.8NTorquekgf・mN・m1kgf・m =9.8N・mAbbreviation of Prex10241021101810151012ExponentsExponentsExponentsExponentsAbbreviation of Prex10910610310210 Pico pFemto fAtto aZepto zYocto y10-110-210-310-610-9Abbreviation of Prex10-1210-1510-1810-2110-24Abbreviation of PrexSI is a unit system that was adopted as universal system to unify measurement systems in terms of one quantity to one unit at the 1960 General Conference of Weights and Measures which is the top legislative body in this eld. It was integrated into one system that is easy to understand and utilized to resolve the problem that several unit systems had been established for the same quantity.SI is an acronym for the French “Le Systeme International d'Unites” (English: International System of Units)■ What is SI (International System of Units)?Conventional Units and SI UnitsList of Prexes*In addition to the above, combination of conventional SI Unit (m, s,kg, mol) and its multiple will also be used.I. Unit of pressure: Pa (Pascal)II. Unit of capacity: W (Watt)III. Unit of calorie: J (Joule)IV. Unit of force: N (Newton)■ Representative SI Unit to be used hereafter in the LP gas industry

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