103Gas Burning Type Consumption Vaporizer■ Dimension Drawing■ VP-S100GC, VP-S2000GC SpecicationsModelVP-S100GCVP-S200GCNominal Vaporizing Capability100 kg/h200 kg/hHeat SourceTypeGas burning type (gas burner)Heat Capacity14 kW (output)28 kW (output)Design PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part1.8 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part1.0 MpaPressure Resistance Test PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part2.7 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part2.6 MPa (diaphragm chamber: 1.5 MPa)Airtightness Test PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part2.0 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part1.1 MPaControl Power SupplyPower Supply VoltageAC 100 VPower Consumption75 W130 WApplicable Pressure Range0.15 to 1.56 MPa*0.2 to 1.56 MPaSafety Valve Pressure Setting0.96 MPaLiquid Outow Prevention MethodHeat media temperature detection methodVaporization Pressure Regulation Valve Setting0.15 ± 0.01 MPa0.16 ± 0.01 MPaHeat Media (Hot Water) Temperature Control Range60 to 75ºCOverheat Prevention Switch Operation Temperature85 to 95ºCExhaust Gas Temperature Switch Operating Temperaturelower than 290ºCNoise LevelStandard56.4 dB(A)62.6 dB(A)Using a mufer54.7 dB(A)60.6 dB(A)External DimensionsWidth500 mmHeight1,420 mm(including exhaust top)1,690 mm(including exhaust top)Depth715 mmExterior color (Munsell color number)Front/Top: Munsell 5BG4/2Sides/Rear: Munsell 5Y7/1Rough Product Weight135 kg160 kgRough Water Volume140 L150 LRough Running Weight275 kg310 kgConnection DiameterLiquid Inlet20A (JIS20K Flange Equivalent)Gas Outlet25A (JIS10K Flange Equivalent)40A (JIS10K Flange Equivalent)Power SupplyAbnormal Pressure Alarm DisplayGas Leakage AlarmLamp Lighting, Voice GuidanceOther AlarmLamp Lighting, Buzzer RingingAccessory (pressure regulator)Design PressureInlet Side1.0 MPaOutlet Side0.18 MPaPressure Resistance Test PressureInlet Side1.5 MPaOutlet Side0.80 MPaRated Flow Rate100 kg/h200 kg/hInlet Pressure Range0.15 to 1.0 MPaPressure Regulator Pressure Setting0.06 MPaConnection DiameterInlet Side25A (JIS10K Flange Equivalent)40A (JIS10K Flange Equivalent)Outlet Side25A (JIS10K Flange Equivalent)40A (JIS10K Flange Equivalent)Spacing Dimension385 mmOther AccessoriesGas DetectorExplosion-proof detector: 1 unitAntiseismic Clamping Plate2 pcs (including two M12 bolts)Corrosion Inhibitor1 cylinder (1400 mL)1 cylinder (1900 mL)Strainer1 pc (Mesh 150)Exhaust Top1 pc1 pc (including short pipe)NoteTarget Gas: LP gas* When target gas is propane gas, the range is 0.2 to 1.56 MPa.VP-S100GCVP-S200GC6851210±10430±20910±201420580±20715±10200±20135±20Door Opening Radius Approx. 500500±10Gas Outlet10K-25AFlangeLiquid Inlet20K-20A FlangeGas Outlet (reserve)Adjustment Range of HorizontalAdjusting Bolt10~30mm10K-25A Flange355±20300±20Anchor Bolt (M12) Mounting PositionExplosion-ProofGas DetectorExplosion-ProofGas DetectorAdjustment Range of HorizontalAdjusting Bolt10~30mm500±10Gas Outlet10K-40AFlangeGas Outlet (reserve)10K-40A FlangeLiquid Inlet20K-20A Flange314±10430±10430±10380±20300±20710200±201030±20120±20550±20400±10230±10Anchor Bolt (M12) Mounting Position400±10230±101330±101690Door Opening Radius Approx. 500715±20580±20■ Vaporizer Power PanelVP-S100GCVP-S200GCNote)This product is not a “liqueed petroleum bulk supply auxilia-ry equipment type certied product”.375*Includes the handle.350300160Gas Burning Type Consumption VaporizerVP-S100GC, VP-S200GC

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