100Bulk Supply Systems / VaporizersGas MetersRegulatorsHoses / Gas CocksTechnical DocumentsBulks / VaporizersControllers /Shutoff ValvesAlarmsLarge VaporizerModelVP-S150ECVP-S200ECNominal Vaporizing Capability150 (kg/h)200 (kg/h)Vaporizing MethodInstantaneous VaporizationHeat SourceElectric TypeApplicable Pressure Range0.2 to 1.56 MPaDesign PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part1.8 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part1.0 MPaPressure Resistance Test PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part2.7 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part2.6 MPa (vaporization pressure regulation valve diaphragm chamber: 1.5 MPa)Airtightness Test PressurePrimary Pressurizing Part2.0 MPaSecondary Pressurizing Part1.1 MPaElectric Heating Capacity21 kW28 kWPower Supply voltageThree phase AC 200 VRated Current60.6A80.8ASafety Valve Pressure Setting0.96 MPaLiquid Outow Prevention MethodHeat media temperature detection methodVaporization Pressure Regulation Valve Pressure Setting0.16±0.01 MPaHeated Water TemperatureControl RangeMain Thermo Switch60ºC to 75ºCOverheat Prevention Switch80˚C to 95ºCConnection DiameterLiquid InletJIS 20K-20A FlangeGas OutletJIS 10K-40A FlangeExternal DimensionsWidth590 mmHeight1300 mmDepth800 mmExterior Color (Munsell color number)Front/Top: Munsell 5PB4/2Sides/Rear: Munsell 5Y7/1Rough Product Weight220 kg225 kgRough Water Volume225 LRough Running Weight445 kg450 kgPressure Regulator (attachment)Design PressureInlet Side1.0 MPaOutlet Side0.18 MPaPressure Resistance Test PressureInlet Side1.5 MPaOutlet Side0.80 MPaRated Flow Rate200 kg/hInlet Pressure Range0.09 to 1.0 MPaPressure Regulator Pressure SettingTyp. 0.06 MPaConnection DiameterInlet SideJIS 10K-40A FlangeOutlet SideJIS 10K-40A FlangeSpacing Dimension385 mmNoteTarget Gas: LP gas■ Control Panel■ VP-S50EC/VP-S100EC SpecicationsCertied as LP gas bulk supply auxiliary equipment590±10400±10100±10687±10(787)530±1055±10Liquid Inlet20K−20A Flange55±10(87)Door Opening Radius Approx. 600 mmAdjustment Range of HorizontalAdjusting Bolt 20-40Gas Outlet (reserve)10K−40AFlangeGas Outlet10K−40AFlangeSafety Valve Discharge Pipe Connection Port R15ADrain Outlet(Unit: mm)1300±10200±101015±10345±10149±10Electric Wire Lead-in Hole (3 places)* For Heater Cable For Control Cable For Optional CableVP-S150ECVP-S200ECControl CableHeater CableStandard TypeInformation Control TypeModelVP-S150ECVP-S200ECCablePart NameYC Cable (YC600V-CVSZV)Size3 cores×14 mm23 cores×22 mm2Overall Outer Diameterφ28.2φ30.3ConnectorHeater SideSEGC30-18-MSEGC40-21-SControl Panel SideYCV-No. 2YCV-No. 6■ YC Cable Set for Heater*Standard length is 15 m400525380380170170■ Dimension Drawing■ YC Cable Set for Controls*Standard length is 15 mModelVP-S150EC(Standard Type)VP-S150EC(Information Control Type)VP-S200EC(Standard Type)VP-S200EC(Information Control Type)CablePart NameYC Cable for Instrumentation (VVSZV)Size4 cores × 0.75 mm26 cores × 0.75 mm24 cores × 0.75 mm26 cores × 0.75 mm2Overall Outer Diameterφ21.2φ21.2φ21.2φ21.2ConnectorHeater SideNoneYCV-No. 5NoneYCV-No. 5Control Panel SideLarge VaporizerVP-S150EC, VP-S200ECOptional PartsYC Cable Set

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