Reduces “Error B Displays”Improves the precision of owsmall leak warningsBy improving the precision of ow small leak warnings, it reduces “Error B Displays” caused by using ECOWILL or heated oors, and reduces unnecessary leak detector operation. Checks that there are no leaks at most once every 128 seconds.Can display the cause of BR alarmsPressure Small LeakSupplementary InformationBy monitoring not only pressure changes but temperature changes as well, it is possible to display the cause of BR alarms. (Excludes commercial use.)*There is possibility of gas leaks, so make certain to conduct leak inspections.EY25MTH [High End] EY25MT [Standard]E-type Security Gas MeterEY4MTH [High End]EY4MT [Standard]E4-type Security Gas MeterGas Meter9Improves the precision of owMakes work more ef cient and precise with a compact, light weight designLooking forward to the next generation with high performance, security gas metersSimple Meter Information CheckEasy to get the meter information you needUsing the reset button, you can easily check individual addition, pressure information display, and meter information display, without the need of the setting device.(3:00 PM March 9th, 2016)Perfect for a smart energy society High- made for use even 10 years in the

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